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Qeshm Smart Industry Arm Company has entered the field of production of industrial robots and comprehensive robot technology in all industries, education and services in order to develop new technologies and industry in our beloved country. In this regard, by launching its free zone units in Qeshm and Kish in the fields of production of industrial robots and production of various types of vessels and marine products by industrial robots, with a three-year plan, we try to set up the largest and most advanced factory for producing all kinds of vessels with the latest technologies. Also, in a two-year plan, we try to put our entire robotic production line of a variety of industrial robots into operation. In addition, Qeshm Smart Industry Arm Company by launching the largest robotics training complex will train talented specialists and elites and will enhance their scientific ability.

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Production of all types of boats and vessels

One priority of tourism development in coastal areas is using cabin cruisers which are classified to several groups of Jet Ski and high speed boats in different models. Qeshm Smart Industry Arm Company is producing different models with every structure and design which is possible by using the world newest, high-tech technologies and artificial intelligence. BSHQ Company has started its robotic line of manufacturing cabin cruisers by use of industrial robots. All products have guarantee and after-sold services.

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