Producing modern products and handcrafts such as wood, stone and… products

BSHQ Company has the ability to produce a variety of industrial robots. Using a special robot for the production of all kinds of stone and wood products and the arts of modern handicrafts, there is the ability to produce different types of artifacts with different materials. In order to produce these products, it is available in the following method, for example:

1- Sculpting robots for producing all kinds of stone and wooden products and modern handicraft arts


This company is able to produce several stone and wood products such as different kinds of internal building decorative status containing pots, 3D status, candlestick, well-formed fences, stairs, kitchen models, designed vessels and… which are combined of several world modern art and technology.

Above mentioned products are produced by plants invented in Qeshm Smart Industry Arm Company which are appreciable in stone industry

The combination of modern art and technology will create specialized teams that include both artists and university graduates. In this field, using modern equipment such as industrial robots and advanced cnc machines with the use of handicrafts, the initial field is implemented and the product is prepared in the original form, then given to the artist to be in the form of a work with High value added, personal taste and art to be implemented on it. In this process, a culture of cooperation and working group is first implemented between university graduates and people with artistic ability and handicraft production.

In this process, thought rooms are performed to create valuable works of art, and after computer simulation, the idea is handed over to the marketing team. Between university graduates, housewives and the rural elite are selected.

After the production of each group is coordinated in the desired number, the productions of the groups are collected and sent to the target market

  • Regional industrial development and progress:

Due to the implementation of advanced equipment and familiarity and training of forces, it is possible to create a production hub for stone and wood products as well as modern handicrafts in the region, which in addition to job creation, will lead to the advancement of science, technology and industry in the region.


These plants are described as following:

1-Micrograph Planet

This plant is a cnc structure in three axes of x, y, z which makes several pictures on glass, mirror, stone, wood, leather and metal surfaces using its special nozzles by wind pressure and silicate sands.

It is produced in two models using 2D and 3D etching models. Following models on several materials will be final product of this plant that primary design is etched by plant and then final work is painted by related artist and built by special paste and resin.

In 3D etching model, 3D high abaciscus works can be produced meaning that stone or wood is engraved in 6 millimeters depth and then other products are cut to show better art works in order to prepare and install in place. Or special resin is used to create very beautiful art works.

Raw materials used by this plant include cut stones, big slices of stone, wood, glass, mirror, leather and several metals.


Picture and system of 3D micrograph


Picture and system of 3D micrograph


Replacement of abaciscus work in 3D micrograph model


2-standing sculptor plant

In order to produce several kinds of wood and stone sculptor and also several vessels and candlesticks and other graven materials, beautiful and unique models will be presented to market. After producing every piece in the next stage, handmade works will find considerable added value. Following products in form of several cubic shapes explain ability of above mentioned plant.


3-Industrial sculptor robots

Using these robots, the most complicated geometric shapes will be produced at least time and most quality as possible. Regarding high-tech technology age, these robots will be able to take one’s 3D photo and produce his/her 3D sculptor on wood or stone. 3D photography can be established using these robots.


4. robot with combined pneumatic hammer head and sand plast head

In order to etch several kinds of copper vessels and made 3D boards and/or other equipment this robot is used. Also, in order to make opaque art works sand plast head is used that combination of etching and opaque works makes an extremely beautiful art works and an innovation in art. 


5-3D printer of stone

3D printer of stone has a special extruder with smart nozzle that is extremely able to create complicated unique art, industrial and… works by a combination of

stone powder and resin and in some cases layered tattoo and print materials with different thicknesses at least time and most quality as possible.

These works include several kinds of space structures, so complicated status, several entertainment places, several pre-built structures such as column, ceilings and walls by offered designs, several 3D boards and…

3D wall:

Production models in industrial field and handcrafts by 3D stone printer:


Picture of 3D stone printer

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