Managing director introduction

Pedram heydari

  • Control and precision instruments Expert
  • Student of the final semester of the virtual robotics course at IR Robotic University of Denmark
  • Referee of the technology readiness level (TRL) of the 17th and 18th exhibition of research, technology and market achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1995 and 1996
  • Technical director of the exclusive agency of Yaskawa German industrial robots in Iran
  • Managing Director of Qeshm Smart Industry Arm Company
  • License in the field of industrial robots, special machines, artificial intelligence and related services from the organization of Qeshm Free Zone and Qeshm industries and mine Organization.
  • The first manufacturer of cruise ships, jet skis, etc. in Iran



Sixteen years of experience in different fields of Automotive Industry, industrial robots (start-up and commissioning of different types of robots made by Yaskawa, Cuka, Fanuc, Abbe and also producing industrial robots with different applications), machine manufacturing, writing industrial applied software systems, instructions and instruction systems in different industries and performing more than 40 projects, more than 7s inventions, meanwhile I have been among the reviewers for Iran research and technology achievements in the past two years, and I was I the top rank in innovation in the Iranian stone industry in 2016 and 2017.

Regarding my experiences in the above fields, I have the capability in promoting the sales of industrial robots of your company. I can design and work on the different fully automatic production lines.

  • Producing instruction devices for industrial automation, including:
  • Multi-purpose desks (LabVIEW – PLC – HMI – industrial networks, and sensors)
  • CNC equipment for instruction
  • Industrial robots for instruction
  • Instruction and teaching experiences:
  • Member of the committee for organizing technical and vocational instruction standards of the country regarding automation and instrumentation in 2006
  • Teaching two PCS7 courses for Khouzestan Steel Co.
  • Instructing over 40 courses regarding PLC S7-HMI-CNC-LABVIEW in Isfahan Oil Technical and Engineering Complex, Mahshahr Science and Technology Center, Oxin Steel Co. (Ahvaz), Khouzestan Steel Co. (Ahvaz), Yazd Alloy Steel Co., Jahesh Institute (Ahvaz)
  • Teaching for the 1st Isfahan HMI course in Arvand Institute (Kashan)
  • Instructing for the 1st specialized PLC course in Isfahan province in 2004
  • Producing 4 sets of industrial automation software in 2005
  • Publishing PLC S7-HMI-CNC-LABVIEW booklets in Isfahan Oil Technical and Engineering Complex
  • Experiences in machine tool production
  • Producing instruction devices for industrial automation, including:
  • Producing CNC milling machines for bangles, oxy-gas CNC cutting m/c, CNC milling m/c for wood, 4-axis 6-turret CNC m/c for wood carving, CNC m/c for stone and glass, automatic skein making CNC m/c, gate CNC milling m/c, displacement robots, e-D printers, induction extruder, 3-D printing extruder for artificial stones, resin and epoxy resin mixer, stone and glass displacement robot, clutch friction disc and ring computerized imbalance scanning equipment, micrographs, full-automatic pathological device for blood test, syringe pumping testing device, sand blasting and surface turning CNC device, designing 18 new devices in stone industry such as robot-multi-wire and robot-mono-wire, gate multi-wire, laminate plates cutter, vertical surface cutter, mini-laminate cutter, mono-wire device, stone 3D scanner, slab scanner, trouble- periodic shooting and repairing system for different machineries, etc.


Working specializations:

  • Ability to build – design and programming of all mechanical-electronic parts (controllers) – and all kinds of needs in various industrial fields including robotics
  • Programing, start-up and commissioning of different types of robots made by Yaskawa, Cuka, Abbe and Fanuc
  • Power mill robotic
  • Working with different brands of PLC, Hmi, OP, mini-PLC, monitoring devices, soft starters and inverters
  • Working with different brands of servo motors, stepper motors, sensors, and instrumentation devices
  • CADDAY+-ELECTRICAL AUTOCAD Electrical drafting software packages
  • Different industrial networks
  • Image processing and machine vision by LABVIEW software
  • Working with ARM & RASPBERY PI & Arduino
  • ROS coding experience under the LabVIEW software
  • Writing the applied and industrial software systems as required by the client
  • Designing and producing industrial robots and full-automatic production lines
  • Designing and producing different industrial machineries by required software and preparing the assembly drawings
  • Programing by LABVIEW software and using its specialized toolkits
  • Industrial programing under Linux operating system
  • Programing by Python
  • Programing by QT




The inventor has more than 51 patents, 9 of which were industrial robots and controllers


1-         Robo-multi-wire (by using a robot)

2-         A robot with combined heads: water jet, sand blasting nozzle, micrograph, and saw disk

3-         Cutting laminate device (by using a robot)

4-         4-axis gate robot for displacement and organizing of the products of factories

5-         12-axis/3-station gate robot for displacement and organizing of the products of factories

6-         Robo-mono-wire device (by using a robot) with the highest safety factor

7-         13-axis/4-armed rotating robot for displacing and placement of bricks, ceramic tiles, tiles, etc.

8-         Robotic mechanism of placing milk in disposable vessels with increasing hygiene, speed, and accuracy

9-         Fuel-less sport-utility-vehicles

10-       Intelligent system for preventing road accidents

11-       Automatic bezelling device for crank shafts, equipped with image processing device

12-       The machinery for turning, drilling, and bezelling of forming rod for different vehicles

13-       Computerized balancing device for clutch discs and rings

14-       Gearbox shaft face grinding m/c

15-       NC table for milling and turning machines

16-       Cabochon turning table for gold bangles

17-       CNC spotting table for bangles

18-       Full-automatic production line of gold slabs to bangles

19-       Gold modelling robot, and producer of different types of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc.

20-       Full-automatic gold bangles turning m/c

21-       Rolled gold automatic cutting device

22-       4-axis CNC gold rod opaque face turning device

23-       Twin CNC cutting and engraving device on bangles

24-       CNC sand blasting m/c

25-       Special nozzle of sand blasting with highest pressure relative to the existing devices

26-       5-axis CNC for glass and stone engraving with diamond disc

27-       6-axis stone CNC surface turning device with the potential for side and body loading for casting

28-       Glass and stone micrograph CNC device

29-       3-D printer for stone

30-       10-nozzled sand blasting CNC m/c

31-       Laminate on stone CNC m/c

32-       Stone mono-wire CNC m/c

33-       Stone multi-wire CNC m/c

34-       Scanner for flat slabs together with marking on the stone edge

35-       Epoxy and hardener mixer for stones with high accuracy

36-       Gate milling and 7-axis turning combined CNC m/c

37-       Full-automatic profiles forming m/c

38-       Pressing CNC and skein cutting CNC m/c for mattresses

39-       Intelligent openings for the fryers of brick factories

40-       3-D printer with induction extruder and servomotor with higher speed and accuracy than the existing devices

41-       Induction extruder for producing the filament of 3-D printers

42-       Security 3-D scanner for banking with the technology of processing the images

43-       Troubleshooting and service tablet for repairing industrial machineries

44-       9-axis controller with intelligent troubleshooting and 3-axis simultaneous loading

45-       6- axis CNC board with simultaneous load on two axes

46-       Prefabricated intelligent slot walls with lighting system and ready piping

47-       Intelligent boxing bag equipped with impact measuring system

48-       Cigarette production with the least rate of risk from herbs together with tranquilizing extract for enjoying smoking

49-       Designing and producing the simultaneous hand-wheel control board in CNC devices

50-       Producing the 12-axis controller with 4 MHz frequency for industrial robots

51-       Manufacturing data logging for recording temperature, humidity, and pressure… graphs

52-     Robotic mechanism of dispensing milk in disposable containers which increases hygiene and speed of work

53-    Full automatic cabin device

54-    Security CCTV equipped with 3D image processing

55-    Smart yachts equipped with lifesaving system

56-    Smart Jet Ski with image processing technology and rescue flying robot

57-    Full Color Painting Bird Robot for painting Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals tanks, high walls…

58-    Climber robot for painting lampposts

59-   Intelligent cruise boats with image processing structure and equipped by rescuer robotic system

60-     Floating Amusement Suite

61-     360-degree rotating 3D lighting system suitable for beaches and fountain

62-     Intelligent system preventing drowning

63-     Sinking Jet Ski returning system

64-     Amusement park smart seat robot

65-    Chess player robot

66-     Tennis player robot

67-     Cartesian robot

68-     Inventor and implementer of modern art which is a combination of technology and art

69-     Floating bicycle

70-     Smart Jet Ski

71-     Children’s training arm robots

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