Robots Park Complex


Robots amusement park includes several different sections, uses the latest technology in the world to build the most advanced amusement, tourism, educational and Commercial Park. The entire space of the park includes three-dimensional walls, artistic and three-dimensional flooring, a variety of urban elements in both children and adults settings, three-dimensional lighting on top of each wall and element, along with music and waterfront, beach cinema and monitor in the sea. In addition, it is worth mentioning that all the symbols can be specific to every  of ​​the design are in the form of elements and three-dimensional walls in this park, and above each part, a three-dimensional display is placed along with the lighting of that element or wall.The structure of servicing parts including chairs and seats have the same structure as the elements. As you can see in the pictures:

A-Entertainment section


  • Robotic chair with rotation ability in all directions which brings great excitement and film-taking, equipped to security sensors.

  • Chess-playing robots

  • Tennis-playing robots
  • Robotics competitions
  • Flying robots, and competitions in manufacturing flying robots in entertainment and industrial fields
  • Collection of flying robots with the capability of marine rescue and lifeguard
  • 3D walls with 3D spatial lighting
  • Waterfront Collection on the Sea and Making a Screen Wall by Water Powder and a Real 3D Marine Cinema which screen is in the sea
  • Flooring, walls and every other structure in the park are made by high-tech robots
  • Irrigation of green space of the robotic park is fully automatic and based on soil moisture scanning by robots
  • Robotic Park Cleaning System which is performed by vacuum cleaner robots
  • The most important elements of other countries such as the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, will be in the form of three-dimensional statues and three-dimensional lighting with a description of each element
  • Restaurants and coffee shops with special robots
  • Dancing and music player robots
  • Helicopter robots with training and simulating flying situation
  • Robots which paly billiards
  • Educational robots for children like a puzzle which children can arrange and install them


B- Commercial section

  • Robots that take and draw pictures


C- Commercial section

  • Robots that take a three-dimensional scan of a person and make a statue of him on stone, wood or plastic


  • 3D printing robot that produce all kinds of products and making all kinds of promotional gifts by robots in different models

  • Sculpting robot for producing all kinds of artifacts and making all kinds of promotional gifts by robots in different models


  • Special robot for making special shoes, this robot has the ability to print 3D types of shoes in simple and comfortable designs, as well as special and special designs


A special robot for making and producing unique and special wedding crowns

C2. Robots which take one’s 3D scan and prepare its status on stone, wood or plastic




C3. 3D print special to produce several products and build several commercial gifts in several models by robots.



C5. Robots special to make special shoes

This robot can print several shoes in 3D forms by simple and comfortable designs and also in special designs.


C6. Robot special to make crowns and produce special and unique bride dress

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